WhipAddict: Kents Automotive Shop Visit, Custom Cars, Forgiatos, Kandy Paints

Kents Auotmotive is one of the biggest and best one-stop custom car shops in Georgia, so I had to take a trip and see for myself and I wasn’t disappointed! I take you thru the entire shop and show everything, as I go from the front waiting area, into 2nd part of the shop. There, you’ll see the Chrome, PPG and HOK colors and paints, spray guns, chroming machine, new 2016 Forgiato wheel line up, Forgiato steering wheels and grilles, a few LS motors, car audio room with speakers, amps, and rim adapters. Donk parts, including body and window trimmings, chrome grills, nose guards, bumpers and light housings, leather for interiors and a few bench and bucket seats. Inside the 3rd part shop is everything you need to get any job done! Tires on deck from 22s and up, rim barrels, mounting and balancing machines that go up to 34s! a few more motors, 3 paints booths, more Forgiato wheels purchased by customers, about 30 cars of all years and makes! Further into the shop are more cars, mostly Donks! You see some of the employees on the job and the full scale of shop. Over 200 cars and this location! Towards the end you’ll see seek peeks of some Nelson Racing Motors and an interior of some awesome projects in the works! Every car that has been painted by Kents Automotive is painted by Kent himself to make sure the quality is consistent!
Beats by @1Dos_ [email protected]
Donk 34s:
Kandy Caprice:
Blue 75′ Vert: