Visit Hans Foreign Auto Parts Junkyard, Elk River, Minnesota

Hans Foreign Auto & Truck Parts, 22823 Elk Lake Rd NW, Elk River, MN 55330, Phone (763) 441-0707

We are your go to for all your foreign part needs. Some of the brands we carry are #Mercedes #Toyota #Nissan #BMW #Honda #Audi #VW #Volvo #Saab #Fiat #Lancia #Hyundai #Mitsubishi #Subaru #RangeRover #Jaguar #Porsche #Datsun #Suzuki

Captain Curry Sauce and I took a break from sitting at our office PCs to take 45 minute drive to Hans Foreign Car & Truck Parts, located in Elk River, Minnesota. This was our first time here. I’ve been told about this place for several years by friends who modify and restore Water cooled Volkswagens.

As we entered the gated yard, owner John Kanz immediately waved us to a parking space and greeted us with a hand shake. “I’m the guy who asked about interior parts for 1986 Jetta and permission to record our visit.”

John directed us to the eastside of the yard where the majority of Volkswagen graves resided. As we walked down a sandy road, we noticed that Volkswagens are dispersed everywhere. It’s hard to distinguish if any car manufacturers are categorized by rows. The yard is 12 Acres with estimated 1500 cars. There are some domestic cars, but the majority of inventory we noticed is Japanese and German. I should have asked John for specific directions to the Jetta, after learning that John had his entire inventory memorized. Jay showed him photos of cars on his phone later in the Yard’s office. John would share the history of each car and how he got possession of them. You quickly learn that he genuinely loves his business and hunting for bargains. I suggested the idea of a Porsche 924 scavenger hunt, as we kept spotting this car throughout the yard. John asked “Did you see the two Porsche 914s?” No, but stumbled upon two 944s and wondered if you have any 911s? He told us that the local market wasn’t big enough to justify buying 911s for his inventory, and those are best left to California. He mention he’s currently waiting a call back from a repair shop that took possession of a customer’s Volkswagen Corrado, which would be more viable purchase to part out.

Hans Foreign does not allow customers to pull their own parts. They don’t want anyone destroying things to remove them or hurt themselves. Just tell John where you spotted the part you want before removing it yourself.

Tips for your venture into Hans Foreign Auto Parts

1. Wear long pants and boots to protect your self from exposed metal and plants with thorns.

2. Give yourself an hour. We noticed a lot of car brands are spread throughout the yard, not centralized to one area.