Vega Conflict NEW Auto-Fleet Tutorial: Tier 3 Vsec 37

This Tutorial should still be working fine. The fleet is an instant-free repair anyways. So not really anything that can go wrong. Other up-to-date tutorials can be found in this new playlist here along with this video:

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Vsec Tier 3 Blueprints Half-Auto Farming Fleet Low-Med Level Tech

5x Mark II Rancor Battleships in Box Formation
1x Genesis Cruiser Decoy

Mark II Ranc Fittings
Deflector Shield II better yet: Metaphase Shield I
Iridium Magnets II
Strafe Thrusters III
Plasteel Armor I
Gladius Driver I x2
Gladius Driver II x2

Genesis Cruiser Decoy Fitting:
Shockwave Shield II better yet: Metaphase Shield I
Rear Thrusters III
Plasteel Armor I – NO ARMOR when used with Meta-Shield I
Hydra Missile I
Hex Missile I

Fleet Characteristics:
-Build-Time for one entire fleet: 2d 1h 15m
-Individual Ship Repair: Below 5 min each – Free-Instant-Repair
-Collects 434,500 resources

Module Requirements:
Bridge IV
Fleet Bay VIII
Ship Factory V
Ship Lab V
Tech Lab VI
Arms Lab VIII

Research / Blueprints Required:
BLUEPRINT: Hydra Missile I required! – OR use Hex Missiles I x2
BLUEPRINT: Gladius Driver I required!
BLUEPRINT: Gladius Driver II required!
Rail Driver I, II, III
Gauss Driver I, II, III
Mass Driver I, II
Iridium Magnets I, II
Strafe Thrusters I, II, III
Rancor Battleship
Rancor Battleship Mark II Upgrade

My Advise:
-Build yourself at least 2 of those fleets and operate them at the same time
-Have a cargo fleet nearby to pick up the plentiful resources
-Use the “Tag Fleet” function to easily find the fleets you’re looking for.
-Share recoures with your alliance members!

Important Next Steps for future Tutorial Videos
1. When there’s a chance to get Metaphase Shield I in a Riot – Take it + Equip it!
2. Build yourself at least 6 Broadsword Destroyers
3. Get those Broadsword Destroyers to be Mark III
4. Reseach “Phased Projectiles” as high as possible.

-Does it work against Vsec level 40? Not in one hit, but probably in two!
-Does it work against crafting fleets? Yes, all planetary fleets can be fought in auto or half-auto mode.

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