TestMiles | Automotive News: The making of a Bentley

It takes 40 hours to make a Rolex watch, 11 days to build a Boeing 737. and surprisingly takes 21 days to build a Bentley. Nik Miles goes behind the scenes of the making of a Bentley.

A 1924 3 liter Bentley Speed hand-built in England valued somewhere between 275,000 dollars and 300,000 dollars. Not that different to the value of the modern Bentley this is 90 years later, the size of the engine has doubled , but it will be very hard to tell which one you want to take out for a drive on a Saturday morning.

Bentleys are handmade. The company has only 4,000 employees compared to someone like General Motors who have over 200,000 employees.

Every employee of the Bentley craftspeople are experts. the leather for the seats is hand sewn. the crafts people have not 2 or three colors to choose from but 24. it comes from animals in temperate climates so they have no or little chance for mosquitoes blemishes on the hides.

It takes approximately 399 hours to build a Bentley, 200 of those hours are spent on the interior. just the contrast stitching of the continental tales 25 man hours to complete. that wood on the inside in veneer that is stored in a humidor. 167 employees work in the Bentley wood shop with 14 different woods and it takes them 4 years to learn how to work on the processes of putting the wood inside the interior of the car.