Marathon Motor Works – Nashville, Tennessee

Marathon Motor Works - Nashville, Tennessee

The year was 1884 when the Southern Engine and Boiler Works company was founded in Jackson, Tennessee. As a manufacturer of gasoline engines and industrial boilers, the company was one of the first of its kind in a growing industry. By 1904, this locally owned and operated organization had grown into the largest plant of its kind in the United States. While there were numerous automobile companies buying components and assembling vehicles in their factories, only a few were actually manufacturing the entire vehicle using their own design and components they’d built onsite. At Southern Engine and Boiler Works, a young engineer William Henry Collier, wanted to be among those creating the entire vehicle and convinced the directors of the company to allow him to build a car he designed.

Collier’s enthusiasm and ingenuity paid off, and in 1907, the company announced their first vehicle with a gasoline engine. It … Read More