iphone6+ The Rolls Royce in Malaga, Spain

iphone6+     The Rolls Royce in Malaga, Spain

Found in Malaga’s Automobile Museum – this super RR – one amongst many English luxus cars:

From the museums website:
A group of models exquisite British brands that represent the tradition and quality of the English automotive industry. We emphasize the impressive series of Rolls Royce describing the evolution of the brand. The famous statue described by its creator, sculptor Charles Sykes, is known as Spirit of Ecstasy, "Spirit of Ecstasy".

A total of nine vehicles make up this room: Rolls-Royce (England, 1923), Rolls-Royce (England, 1927), Rolls-Royce (England, 1924), Rolls-Royce Phantom V "Flower Power" (England, 1968) , MKV Bentley (England, 1948), Bentley (England, 1949), Bentley (England, 1936), Jaguar (England, 1949) and Jaguar Mark IV (England, 1948).

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