Staff Of German Car Depot

Staff Of German Car Depot

German Car Depot is your dealer alternative for expert service and repair of VW & Audi vehicles.
Over 25 years in South Florida.

VDEPOT is now GERMAN CAR DEPOT. Everything’s the same except the name.
German Car Depot is an independent automotive service center specializing in the service and repair of Volkswagen® & Audi® automobiles from 1998 to present.
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By specializing in these unique cars, our technicians have an advantage over other independent repair shops.

The service and repair of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles requires specialized knowledge and tools. German Car Depot is the only independent automotive service center in Florida with an extensive set of new car dealership specialty tools.

German Car Depot uses the latest diagnostic software to accurately diagnose problems and maintain the service history on a vehicle.

The German Car Depot technicians have access to the most current maintenance specifications and Technical … Read More