Benz 8/20 PS Jagdwagen – 1914

Benz 8/20 PS Jagdwagen - 1914

Coachwork by Schebera

The world automobile industry grew a lot between the end of 19th century and the First World War. Each important firm depended on the races to introduce their name and products; each one had in production sports cars and touring or formal cars.

The Benz firm was …

FIAT 128 Rally

FIAT  128 Rally

FIAT 128 Rally 1300

Questa per me rimane l’auto più bella della crono scalata . Vista di recente nel motore ci si specchia . Il proprietario notizie fresche sta restaurando un nuovo Fiat 128 che avrà il colore giallo Fiat

This for me is the most beautiful car CRONO climb. …

Darracq Phaeton – 1898

Darracq Phaeton - 1898

Alexander Darracq was born in Bordeaux in 1855 and he was one of the fathers of the French automobile industry, one of the first entrepreneurs who believed on its potentials. After selling the English brand and production of “Gladiator” bicycle, Darracq founded the Usines Perfecta for the construction of bicycle …



The enlightenment writer Montesquieu once dubbed Turin as "the finest village in the world" thanks to a modern city plan begun in the 17th century. While many Italian cities can be a warren of twisting side streets, Turin boasts wide avenues with arcades, large squares and plenty of palazzi. To …

Ferrari Enzo – 2003

Ferrari Enzo - 2003

RM Sotheby’s
Place Vauban
Parijs – Paris
Frankrijk – France
February 2019

Estimated : € 1.850.000 – 2.000.000

Instantly becoming the most desirable automobile on sale from the moment it was introduced in 2002, the Enzo put competitors like Porsche and Lamborghini on notice, showing that Ferrari was still king …