Viva Italia

Viva Italia

Maserati’s first crossover signals the winds of change blowing through Modena

The 2017 Maserati Levante might be the most important Italian automobile in decades. Maybe ever.

Hyperbole? Not really, if you slash to the core of the global car business. The Levante isn’t important precisely because it’s Maserati’s first SUV, or the first luxury-grade Italian SUV since the Lamborghini LM002 disappeared in 1993. It’s important because it’s the Italian auto industry’s last, best shot at relevance beyond the niche of hypercars from Ferrari, Lambo and sundry Paganis, Covinis or Fornasaris (a sexy, potentially profitable niche, but a niche nonetheless). The Levante is Italy’s last, best shot in a mainstream luxury business populated by Audis, Lexi and, soon, Hyundai’s Genesis brand.

In case you missed it, SUVs now account for nearly 50 percent — half — of global luxury auto sales. Maserati has big plans, starting with the goal of increasing … Read More

Your Introduction To Auto Relocation

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – U.S.-based private equity firm North Street Capital has agreed to buy Dutch luxury automobile maker Spyker from its parent firm Swedish Automobile , the Monetary Occasions newspaper reported on Wednesday. In addition, you will find constantly numerous personalities and men and women who can alter which club is greatest suited to your wants. The interior of the automobile could be really roomy and spacious and it not only improves the consolation aspect but also the aesthetical influence of the auto on the client. These are, you should be twenty one or over (minimum age may possibly be dependent on the automobile). To turn into an automobile engineer, a single must have a BE or in automobile engineering. This has been deemed as a luxurious automobile offers a seating capacity of five folks which also involves the chauffeur. The initial design and style for an American automobile with … Read More