Crossley Shelsley – Saloon Car

Crossley Shelsley – Saloon Car

Crossley cars first competed in the Shelsley Walsh hill climb in 1910 and won it in 1912 – a sports version of the standard car, also called a Shelsley, with increased performance was sold from 1913; in May 1928 T. D. Wishart designed the Crossley 15.7 horsepower (12.7 kilowatt) 1,990-cc car; it had a top speed of 70 miles per hour (113 kilometers per hour) and fuel consumption of 25 miles per gallon (8.9 kilometers per liter): this car was made in 1929 for sale as a family car; it cost £495, about the same as the price of a semi-detached house in suburban Manchester

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Multicomplex Management (MCM) Expected Creative Potential (ECP) Picture 9 – Multicomplex Management (MCM) on the WEB

Multicomplex Management (MCM) Expected Creative Potential (ECP) Picture 9 - Multicomplex Management (MCM) on the WEB

In 2002 Hans Bruno Lund introduced the concept
"Multicomplex Management (MCM)" as a platform
for a new series of management concepts and tools,
e.g. "Expected Creative Potential (ECP)", desig-
ned as personal tools for the CEO of large, multicom-
plex organizations in addition to the traditional mana-
gement concepts and tools.


Lund, Hans Bruno
Multicomplex Management (MCM)
Version 3
CD-ROM, 741 colored illustrations
Hans Bruno Lund

A multicomplex organization:

Organization Structure Model used: Nordic Industrial Fund – Nordic Council of Ministers – Bio & Chemistry Division (BCD) – Division REI-activities (Research / Education / Innovation): 5 programmes: NordFood, Nordic Wood, NordPap, NordBio and NordYeast; 748 projects; 6.000 participating private and public companies, institutions, organizations and agencies in 62 countries. BCD connected 180.000 researchers, operators, engineers, technicians and company, organization and agency executives (1998). BCD was – in combination with NordTek (the organization managing the cooperation of … Read More