1961 Ferrari 250 GT Drogo Coupé

1961 Ferrari 250 GT Drogo Coupé

Piero Drogo (born in Vignale Monferrato, Alessandria, August 8, 1926 – died in Bologna, April 28, 1973) was a racing driver and coachbuilder from Italy. He participated in one Formula One Grand Prix, debuting on September 4, 1960. He scored no championship points. He moved on to form a carrozzeria in Modena to service the thriving sports car industry there. His Carrozzeria Sports Cars gained some fame later in the decade. He died in a car accident aged 46.


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Fun, Money and Benefits – A Car Salesman’s Career

Have you ever thought about having a car salesman career? This could very well be the perfect time to become a professional auto salesman or auto saleswoman. The car manufacturers are making changes to the way they do business and they are holding the car dealers that represent their brand accountable for customer satisfaction. The auto makers, dealerships and the professional auto salesmen are making a conscious effort to change the less than desirable image of the car and truck salesman. An image that came from the past that is difficult to shake, but it continues to improve as the car salesman is becoming much more professional.

While the car business continues to improve so do the prospects for the person that is looking for a great career as a car salesman. Many people think you need to have the gift of gab or that you need to have an … Read More