Aston Martin DB6 combo

Aston Martin DB6 combo

Aston Martin DB6 (1965 – 1970)

Superleggera (Italian: "super light") is an automobile construction technology developed by Carrozzeria Touring, Italy. The construction method was primarily based on the use of ‘Duraluminium’, which originated from the zeppelin industry before World War I.

e n g i n e :
286 PS at 5,500 rpm / Vantage 330 PS at 5,750 rpm
4-litre (3’995 cc) twin-overhead camshaft [dohc] in-line six-cylinder with triple SU [Smith’s Union] carb (designed by the legendary Tadek Marek).

Final development phases relied upon DB5 chassis, suitably lengthened and titled MP 219, with rear spoiler and abbreviated Kammback tail.


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