Adler Trumpf Junior 1G Cabriolet 1935 (1826)

Adler Trumpf Junior 1G Cabriolet 1935 (1826)

Manufacturer: Adler Fahrradwerke AG, Frankfurt am Main – Germany
Type: Trumpf Junior Cabriolet (Typ 1G)
Engine: 995cc straight-4
Power: 25 bhp / 4.000 rpm
Speed: 85 km/h
Production time: 1936 – 1941
Production outlet: 78,827
Production outlet: 102,840 (all Trumpf Junior models 1934-1941)
Curb weight: 820 kg

– Adler, the third largest car manufacturer in Germany, behind BMW and Opel, was one of the pioneers of front wheel drive cars, designed by Hans Gustav Röhr.
– This Cabriolet has an Ambi-Budd, Berlin body.
– It has a four-speed manual gearbox, a Solex carburettor, a 28 liter fuel tank and front wheel drive.
– The chassis with all-steel body has a 103.5 inch wheelbase, independently suspended wheels, transverse torsion bars at the rear and mechanical drum brakes all round.
– The Trumpf Series was also available as 2-door Sedan, as Junior Sport (995cc), as Junior Sport 1100 (1100cc), as 1.7 … Read More

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