Marmon Model 34 Roadster (1924)

Marmon Model 34 Roadster (1924)

Marmon was a US maker of luxury cars. They developed the first production V16 engine, only to be beaten to production by Cadillac who were much better financed.

Key to building the marques reputation was the Model 34.

The following text comes from am Autoweek article published in 2003:


As World War I began, Indianapolis car and flour milling machinery manufacturer Nordyke & Marmon decided to expand its automobile business by making an extraordinary new model. While the company’s genius engineer, Howard Marmon, is best known for the 1931 16-cylinder model, the six-cylinder Model 34 introduced in 1916 is probably Marmon’s more innovative vehicle. The 34 projected an image of progressive luxury, combining trend-setting design with excellent performance.

The exterior styling of the Model 34—drawn by Cleveland coachbuilder Leon Rubay—championed the beginning of streamlined automobile body shapes. The car’s … Read More

Lada XRAY Crossover – 2016

Lada XRAY Crossover - 2016

Like in the West, former Soviet states that define Eastern Europe have seen a shift buying patterns towards Crossovers (previously called SUVs). These new Crossovers are fundamentally passenger cars underneath, but take a tall-profile approach to providing occupant and luggage capacity.

Lada, a vehicle brand under Russian auto manufacturer AutoVAZ, has built the XRAY since late 2015. During 2016 AutoVAZ accepted a majority ownership by the Renault-Nissan combine (now the world’s third largest vehicle producer).

Lada, known for many years for solid, if uninspiring cars, also historically produced the highly competent Niva offroader.

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Daimler-Mercedes 28/95 Sports Phaeton – 1924 Sindelfingen

Daimler-Mercedes 28/95 Sports Phaeton - 1924 Sindelfingen

90 hp, 7,280 cc SOHC inline six-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, live axle suspension with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel mechanical drum brakes. Wheelbase: 98.4"

– An important Mercedes model; one of only a handful in existence
– Restoration completed by John Griffith and Gene Smyers during the early 1990s
– Owned by some of the earliest and most noted automotive collectors in the U.S.
– Handsome in presentation, highly equipped, abundant power for touring

One of the last of the magnificent Mercedes models introduced before the merger between Daimler and Benz, the 28/95 stands as one of the most powerful and sporting of all post-WWI automobiles and the precursor to the immortal S, SS, SSK and SSKL models of the late 1920s. A short-chassis 28/95 Mercedes was driven by Max Sailer to win the Coppa Florio and to second place in the concurrent Targa Florio, conclusively establishing the model’s … Read More

The Power Comes from the Inside:U.S Army Japan connects with Nissan community

The Power Comes from the Inside:U.S Army Japan connects with Nissan community

Zama, Japan – When Army Sgt. Jery L. Hernandezpilier stepped off the tour bus and onto Nissan’s Zama Operations Center, he expected to see a few concept cars and a maybe a compact rolling lazily off an assembly line.

It didn’t take long for Hernandezpilier and his fellow Soldiers from U.S. Army Japan’s motor pool in Camp Zama who joined the June 18, 2015, tour to realize that their hosts had a special way to show their distinguished guests in uniform what their corporate motto, “The power comes from the inside,” defines the Nissan community.

“This was more than your typical tour of an assembly line,” said Hernandezpilier, a power generation equipment repairer for Headquarters & Headquarters Company USARJ. “Nissan didn’t just showcase their machines. It introduced to the very people who build these machines.”

Shuji Narazaki, manager of Nissan’s human resources division, welcomed his honored guests with an introduction … Read More