O Ford Edge 2011 tem novo visual.
Além de ter ganhado novo visual, ele ganhou potência no motor 3.5 V6, passando a 289 cavalos.


Staff Of German Car Depot

Staff Of German Car Depot

German Car Depot is your dealer alternative for expert service and repair of VW & Audi vehicles.
Over 25 years in South Florida.

VDEPOT is now GERMAN CAR DEPOT. Everything’s the same except the name.
German Car Depot is an independent automotive service center specializing in the service and …

Used Cars Test Drive

An Ex-Race Car driver takes one of the cars from the movie Used Cars for a spin.


Automobile Development: “Research Work” circa 1935 General Motors Research Laboratories

Automobile Development:

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‘General Motors Research Laboratories. Very nicely photographed.
title: “John B. Kennedy reports — Back to the days when the biggest knocker in the country lived under the hood of your car.”
Man drives 1930s Chevrolet off the surface of Earth; Earth reced……

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How to: NEW AUTO-DUCKING Feature in Premiere Pro // Essential Sound

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I Drink This Every Morning, Well now I brew my own, but you get the idea:

The new auto-ducking, auto-duck feature in premiere is a fascinating tool, so important for filmmakers who …