Lada XRAY Crossover – 2016

Lada XRAY Crossover - 2016

Like in the West, former Soviet states that define Eastern Europe have seen a shift buying patterns towards Crossovers (previously called SUVs). These new Crossovers are fundamentally passenger cars underneath, but take a tall-profile approach to providing occupant and luggage capacity.

Lada, a vehicle brand under Russian auto manufacturer AutoVAZ, has built the XRAY since late 2015. During 2016 AutoVAZ accepted a majority ownership by the Renault-Nissan combine (now the world’s third largest vehicle producer).

Lada, known for many years for solid, if uninspiring cars, also historically produced the highly competent Niva offroader.

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McLaren 570 GT – 2016

McLaren 570 GT - 2016

At the time of its launch in 2016, the McLaren 570 GT was the most luxurious and refined road-based McLaren of its time. Everything about the 570 GT is optimized to create a refined grand tourer that also delivers the adrenalin rush of a sports car. Every McLaren built, for road or racetrack, has been created around a carbon fibre chassis, an advanced innovation that continuous with the 570 GT. The 570 GT is assembled by hand, with skilled technicians ensuring outstanding levels of quality. The 570 GT is built in the state-of-art McLaren Production Centre (MPC), just a few hundred meters where the F1 racing cars are made.

3.799 cc
V8 Twin Turbo
570 PS
600 Nm
Vmax : 328 km/h
0-100 km/h : 3,4 sec
0-200 km/h : 9,8 sec
1.350 kg

Collection : Louwman Exclusive – Utrecht

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Frank Lyons – 1968 Merlyn Ford Mk10 at the Goodwood 74th Users Assembly (Image one)

Frank Lyons - 1968 Merlyn Ford Mk10 at the Goodwood 74th Members Meeting (Photo 1)

Merlyn started off as a front engined Method Junior prototype constructed as a particular task by Selwyn Hayward. Selwyn then went on to style and sector the Mk2, generating 4 cars in overall, with two of them remaining transported out to the United states of america. This was then followed (unsurprisngly) by the Mk3. The Mk4 (shockingly) was developed as a two seater road auto, before the Mk5 reverted back again to the race auto ethos.

This style grew to become refined around the pursuing several years, culminating in the popular Mk10 for F3 and F Libre. Colchester Racing Developments Ltd launched a simplified variation of their Mk10 F3 as the 1968 MK11 Method Ford, and went on to made Merlyn racing cars from 1960 to 1979. The firm was started by Selwyn Hayward and continued by his brother Clive Hayward. When the manufacture of Merlyn racing cars stopped, Clive … Read More