Aston Martin DB6 combo

Aston Martin DB6 combo

Aston Martin DB6 (1965 – 1970)

Superleggera (Italian: "super light") is an automobile construction technology developed by Carrozzeria Touring, Italy. The construction method was primarily based on the use of ‘Duraluminium’, which originated from the zeppelin industry before World War I.

e n g i n e :
286 PS at 5,500 rpm / Vantage 330 PS at 5,750 rpm
4-litre (3’995 cc) twin-overhead camshaft [dohc] in-line six-cylinder with triple SU [Smith’s Union] carb (designed by the legendary Tadek Marek).

Final development phases relied upon DB5 chassis, suitably lengthened and titled MP 219, with rear spoiler and abbreviated Kammback tail.


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Chevrolet 1965 Corvair Corsa Convertible

Chevrolet 1965 Corvair Corsa Convertible

Once in a while things change from the everyday and someone tries something new.

If you are on top, and things are going great, this tends not to happen. So it was with some surprise that the great General Motors, leading vehicle manufacturer of the world, with more than 30% total global market share, tried something ‘new’.

Having successfully built its huge empire, primarily in the US, by producing ever larger Body-on-Frame (BOF) full sized cars, exhibiting more chrome, more fin and more engine than the facing competition, it was a small (by US Standards), rear-engined, bath-tub shaped car named Corvair (after a Corvette-based concept from 1955), that showed that the big dog could learn a new trick.

The ‘new’ was not without precedent. In the back rooms, GM engineers were trying all sorts of interesting things, but Styling and Marketing were more than happy to fill up customer orders … Read More

Ford Taunus 12M P4 Super Kombi 1.5L 1965 (3917)

Ford Taunus 12M P4 Super Kombi 1.5L 1965 (3917)

Manufacturer: Ford-Werke GmbH / Ford of Europe AG, Cologne – Germany
Type: Taunus 12M P4 Super Kombi 1.5L
Engine: 1498cc V-4
Power: 50 bhp / 4.500 rpm
Speed: 126 km/h
Production time: September 1962 – July 1966
Production outlet: 49,000 (all 12 M P4 Kombi 1.2L and Super Kombi 1.5L’s)
Curb weight: 924 kg

– The P4 was Ford Europes first front wheel drive car and the first use of a compact V-4 engine by the company, designed with the US market in mind in Dearborn-Detroit – USA, codenamed “Cardinal” (to "battle" against the massive imports of small European (i.a. VW 1200 Beetle) cars), but eventually further developed in Europe.
– P4 stand for "Projekt 4": the fourth new car design of the Ford plant in Cologne since the end of World War II.
– The "12" stands for the cylinder capacity (in deciliter).
– The "M" stand for … Read More

1965 Plymouth Belvedere I 2-Door Sedan (2 of 6)

1965 Plymouth Belvedere I 2-Door Sedan (2 of 6)

Photographed at the 2009 International Route 66 Mother Road Festival in Springfield, Illinois on September 25-27, 2009.


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