Shine Shop Automotive

Shine Shop Automotive was established in 1989 by Scott Connor and his passion to perfect automobiles, carrying on a third generation of auto care. Since then, Shine Shop Automotive has become the exclusive automobile reconditioning facility in the region. Shine Shop is also recognized as one of the top detailing and reconditioning companies in the world by the Dupont Registry, a title not easily acquired in the industry. Many of the products and equipment used by Shine Shop come from all over the world including, Germany, Italy and Japan, not found in any local automotive retail stores.
Whether you’re interested in preparing your auto for a national event, museum or restoring original paint on a classic, Shine Shop will customize the perfect reconditioning package to achieve your highest expectations. We also provide the same paint correction and protection for new cars.

Shine Shop Automotive has the proven experience with high-end investment vehicles to maintain the luxury and original value that will last years longer than conventional detailing.

Originally designed for the heavy industry, Ceramic Pro products are revolutionizing the car care industry. While others offer waxes or sealants to protect car surfaces that eventually wear off, Ceramic Pro offers a permanent protection for paint, alloy wheels, rubber, glass and leather and is applicable to all surfaces in the car industry.

Today, Ceramic Pro is trusted by detailing and car care professionals around the world. Ceramic Pro is trusted by Ecurie25 in Austrailia to protect their $8+ million dollar exotic supercar collection. Ceramic Pro is also the official paint protection for Carlson Cars, tuners for Mercedes-Benz.

Permanent Protection
Ceramic Pro is not a paint protection, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating.

Hardness Above 9H
When the coat hardens, it creates a surface that can withstand stone chips and all sorts of light scratches. The glass coat is above 9H on the Pencil Test Scale. This scale is used in the coating industry to determine a mineral’s hardness with 9H as the highest. The coat will stay hard for a lifetime if maintained correctly.

Chemical Resistance
The coating has a 100% resistance against the damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals that a car can be exposed to. Since chemicals won’t harm the coating, the car will stay protected.

Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant
Bare metal, unlike painted surfaces, will oxidize. Ceramic Pro’s protective coat protects the paint and the metal from contact with water and oxygen.

Temperature Resistance
The coating will not be affected under 1400 Fahrenheit.

UV Protection
Silkoxid, which is used in sun block, is also used in Ceramic Pro’s products. The UV protection keeps the paint, rubber and plastic from aging.

Super Gloss
The shine from this product is not comparable to any other product on the market. It must be seen in real life.

Super Hydrophobic
When you talk about surfaces being hydrophobic, you’re talking about the water contact angle of the surface. The higher angle, the less dirt or liquid will attach to the surface. A drive in the rain will make the car look newly washed. This hydrophobic effect will last a lifetime if maintained correctly.