Scissor Car Lift from BendPak: XR-12000 Quatra Automotive Shop Installation Raising a Lexus

for more information on the Quatra Scissors Auto Lift from BendPak. The new Quatra car lift is a specially designed scissors lift that allows the operator to truly vertically lift nearly any vehicle under 12,000 pounds up from the garage or shop floor and put it in the air for easy automotive maintenance and repair. The unique car lift design has no joiner bridge between the two run ways, so comfort and space is maximized for the repair technician because he can walk directly beneath the vehicle without having to worry about over-head obstruction and injury. Also thanks to the opposing scissors lift design, automotive repair experts can walk a perpendicular path beneath the car lift and receive the sensation of walking through a wide open doorway. With the freedom to move, shop owners can expect a jump in efficiency and a sharp reduction in automotive related injury. The XR-12000 Quatra true vertical car lift from BendPak also comes in a specialized alignment version with slip plates and turn plates integrated into the heavy-duty runways, allowing car lift operators unprecedented freedom in correcting wheel alignments on the vehicles they service. Find out more about the Quatra XR-12000A under this link: