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Saddleback Automotive Santa Ana #4 714-558-6002 019

This is a list of specialist manufacturers or marques of modern and classic sports cars. It includes only companies that are devoted exclusively to producing sports cars.

A sports car is an automobile designed for performance driving; however the exact definition is subject to debate. Most automakers have produced, or are currently marketing, some type of sports vehicles. Please note that this list is not meant to enumerate every manufacturer that also makes other types of vehicles or has other business units.

Adrenaline Motorsport (UK)
Alpine (France, Defunct)
Ariel (UK)
Artega Motors (Germany)
Ascari (UK)
Bocar (USA, Defunct)
Bricklin (Canada)
Cunningham (USA)
Caparo (UK)
Caterham (UK)
Chamonix (Brazil)
Chaparral Cars (USA)
Cizeta (Italy)
Clan (UK)
Danvignes (France, Defunct) 1937-1939
Darrian/Davrian Cars (UK)
Delfino (UK)
DeLorean Motor Company (USA, Defunct)
Devon Motorworks (USA)
Donkervoort (Netherlands)
Edran (Belgium)
Elfin (Australia)
Etox (Turkey)
Fisker (USA)
FYK (Norway)
Gillet (Belgium)
Ginetta (UK)
GKD Sports Cars (UK)
Glass Sport Motors (South Africa)
G.R.P. Engineering (South Africa)
Gumpert (Germany)
Hommell (France)
HTT (Canada)
Hurtan (Spain)
Isdera (Switzerland, Defunct)
Joss (Australia)
Jösse Car (Sweden)
Koenigsegg (Sweden)
Laraki (Morocco)
Leblanc (Switzerland)
Leopard (Poland)
Lightning Car Company (UK)
Lister Cars (UK)
Lobini (Brazil)
Lola Cars (UK)
Marcos (UK, Defunct)
Marussia Motors (Russia)
Mastretta (Mexico)
Melling Wildcat (UK)
Morgan (UK)
Mosler Automotive (USA)
Noble (UK)
Orca Engineering (Switzerland)
Pagani (Italy)
Panoz (USA)
PGO (France)
Quantum Sports Cars (UK)
Qvale (Italy)
Radical Sportscars (UK)
Rochdale (UK, Defunct)
Rossion (USA)
Sebring (sports car) (UK)
Shelby SuperCars (USA)
Superformance (USA)
TMC (Ireland)
Tramontana (Spain)
Ultima Sports (UK)
Vector Motors (USA)
Westfield Sportscars (UK)
Wiesmann (Germany)
Yes! (Germany)
Zenvo (Denmark)

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