Russia: Medvedev visits AvtoVAZ and test drives new Russian car

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitri Medvedev visited an AvtoVAZ automobile factory in Tolyatti, Friday.

Medvedev arrived to discuss the current condition of the industry and its development strategy till 2025. He also test-drove a Lada XRay and said that it is “comfortable and modern, it is not worse than any other foreign car of the same class.’ Commenting on the future of the Russian car industry, he said “it is a hard time for the economy right now” and that the “automotive industry needs government support.”

SOT, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev (Russian): “I just drove the car and I like it: it’s a very comfortable and modern car, not worse than any other foreign car of the same class. I think it has a great future. If it has a great future, everything will be good with AvtoVAZ as well.”

SOT, Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev (Russian): “We came here today to discuss support for the automobile industry. Now is a hard time for our economy. There are some industries that can overcome this period without problems, others like the automotive industry need government support. We will discuss how to secure the demand for Lada’s cars.”

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