Radar and Laser Detectors – Pros and Cons

Now in today’s world it seems like everyone is out for your money. One of the most frustrating and costly things to pay for is a speeding ticket. Not only does it cost a lot of money ($115 on average) it also goes on a record that can be seen by future employers. This is a fact even though points on your license go away after three years insurance compnies jack up the prices and employers can find out how many tickets you have obtained. This can be more costly than you can ever imagine.

I have been given a speeding ticket in fact two of them before I ever used a radar/laser detector. It is the most annoying thing especially if you have somewhere to go. I was nervous as can be hoping everything was up to date. After I got all checked out and tried to argue out of the ticket I was handed a ticket. They did not put the price of the ticket on it. You have to call and then mail it to the police office. The frustration does not end once he pulls away.


After the two speeding tickets that I received I started to use a laser/radar detector. The first time I used it I borrowed a friend’s. It was a very advanced laser/radar detector which cost about $300. As you could have guessed I did not get any tickets on my trip. I saw at least 10 police cars on my 3 hour drive and each and every time the laser/radar detector went of like a buzzer to alert me. It was very simple I could be half asleep and still avoid a ticket.


There were some times that it presented me with false alarms. Most of these false alarms took place in city driving most likely caused by hidden police cars or major radio units in buildings. The use of a laser/radar detector will not slow your car down or cloak you so if you think it is a false alarm and don’t slow down you will get caught.


Taking everything into consideration it is well worth the money to get a laser/radar detector. I would personally be better safe than sorry. In fact I would have more than 2 tickets if I did not start using one when I did. I can be happy to say that I have not gotten pulled over in years.