Power TEC Miracle System Steel Panel Repair from Aps Auto Parts

This standard kit takes the base kit and upgrades to include a selection of pulling shafts and a selection of essential accessories
increased labour within each repair job thus reducing the need for panel replacement
Speeds up the repair process and turns the repair around more quickly
Improves the workshop throughput and reduces the job cycle times
Minimises strip and refit
Reduces waste and saves the environment

Individual Part Numbers Included in Set:

91244 Slide Hammer for Spotter
91245 Holder for 3 point electrode
91680 Miracle Spacer
91687 Miracle – Straight Bits
91688 Miracle – Steel Shaft Set
91692 180mm Pulling Shaft
91693 90mm Pulling Shaft
91704 Line Puller Pulling Assembly
92139 Miracle – Twisted Bits
92276 800mm Line Puller Frame Only (Pair 2)
92281 Standard Single Short Line Puller Foot – Version Of 91707