You can use a party bus to get you and your group from one place to another such as going to a concert or game. However, you can also use one as a rolling party. You pick a route and your party is contained on the bus and just stays on the move. I would suggest you get the big bus from Diamond Party Bus in Toronto if you are going to do that. It is the one with the bathroom in it. You know that a bathroom is needed for any sort of party. The nice thing about a party bus is that when you rent one it comes with a professional driver, and it is cleaned to feel like you are the first customer to use it.

I have seen some limo companies that do not take excellent care of their fleet. You really need to rent from a place that takes pride in their fleet of limos whether the limo is a big sedan, SUV, stretch limo or a party bus. That is the mark, in my opinion, of a great limo company. That is, when you can check out the limo you will be renting and it looks and smells new. Yes, it takes a lot of extra care, but this is the experience you want if you are using it for a wedding, prom, anniversary, bridal or bachelor party or for another reason.

There are smaller buses that seat smaller groups of people. They all have plenty of room inside for the number of people they are listed to seat. The seating in party buses is all laid out to be conducive to making it a party atmosphere. The seating is really comfortable, and you can interact with the other people with you. And just like you can at a party, you can get up, mingle and move around. You have to see one to believe how nice they are inside.