1936 – 1937 Škoda Sagitta Prototyp (Typ 911) (02)

1936 - 1937 Škoda Sagitta Prototyp (Typ 911) (02)

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Škoda Auto (Czech pronunciation: [ˈʃkoda]) was established as an arms manufacturer in 1859. Today, Škoda is an automobile manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. Škoda became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 2000, positioned as the entry brand to the group. Its total global sales reached 684,226 cars in 2009 and 85,000 for the month of March 2011.


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Der Škoda Sagitta war ein Kleinwagen-Prototyp des tschechoslowakischen Herstellers Škoda. Die in Holz-Stahl-Mischkonstruktion gefertigte Karosserie ähnelte der des Škoda Popular. Das Fahrzeug wurde 1937 hergestellt. Es kam nie zu einer Serienfertigung.

Der luftgekühlte, seitengesteuerte Zweizylinder-Viertakt-V-Motor hatte einem Hubraum von 845 cm³ und eine Leistung von 15 PS (11 kW). Über die Kardanwelle und das an die Hinterachse angeflanschte Getriebe (Transaxle-Bauweise) wurde die Antriebskraft an die Hinterräder weitergeleitet. Das 580 kg schwere Fahrzeug erreichte eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 70 km/h. … Read More

Sources of Repossessed Cars For Sale and What to Look Out For

If you are looking for repossessed cars for sale, you are actually tapping on a very lucrative market for cheap cars that the general public are not very aware of. There are actually many sources of repossessed cars for sale, we will look into these and discuss what buyers should look out for especially when you are new to such markets.

Repossessed cars for sale can come from:

1. Cars repossessed by credit unions, banks and lending institutions.

2. Vehicles from DEA drug raid seizures, FBI, IRS, U.S. Customs Auctions, and Department of Defense.

Such vehicles are typically auctioned off at lower than market value prices, sometimes as low as 10% of their current value. This is due to the fact that getting rid of them in the shortest time possible is the priority. However, since it is an auction, other factors such as competition and condition of the vehicles … Read More

Scrap Mechanic Po Polsku [#66] Scrap Maszyny [z Plaga]

Scrap Mechanic Po Polsku czyli po prostu Scrap Mechanic Po Polsku . Seria z budowania, testowania i ogólnie świetna zabawa w Scrap Mechanic Po Polsku.
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Scrap Mechanic NAJTANIEJ –
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Intro&Outro by Bakston:

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This is my first attempt at experimenting with depth of field. What do you think?
Should I have focused more on the middle car, for the longer DOF photo below?

Posted by Tabby Fan on 2009-12-16 08:47:25

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