Mazda Rotary Engine [HD] (Option Auto News)

The Rotary Engine—the Symbol of Mazda’s Brand Identity

With the dream of producing the ideal internal combustion engine, Mazda began development of the rotary
engine in 1961. It is a unique powerplant that is lightweight and compact and far smoother than a
reciprocating engine. Many scientists over the centuries have unsuccessfully attempted the development a
practicable rotary engine.
At the time, not only Mazda but almost every major car maker in the world was involved in research and
development aimed at the commercialization of the rotary engine. Finally however, Mazda became the only
company to overcome the many technical problems and successfully achieve volume production. As a
result, Mazda became well known the world over despite being a relatively new brand in the automobile
By the mid-1970s, Mazda had become the world’s sole remaining automaker involved with the rotary
engine. Since that time, we have continued to refine the mechanisms and advance the development of
vehicles which reap the benefits of this singular engine. It has resulted in globally renowned cars such as
the Cosmo Sport, the RX-7 and the RX-8—a new concept sports car that capitalizes on the advantages of
the compact rotary engine with its spacious interior and sporty design.
Rotary engine technology is unique to Mazda and symbolizes the brand identity defined by the terms,
“Stylish”, “Insightful” and “Spirited”.

Mazda began its development of the rotary engine in 1961. At
the time, many of the world’s automakers were involved in
rotary engine research and development, but by the latter half
of the ’70’s Mazda was the only car company with a rotary
engine R & D program. This places Mazda in a unique position
among today’s automakers, forcing the company to capitalize
on its unique strengths and competences to make progress in
rotary development. At the same time, Mazda also produces
much of its own manufacturing technology