Local Trains videos for kids – Cars and Railroad Crossing – Game #2

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At first glance, it is not a difficult task but requiring attention and ability to assess the situation. Such games will be interesting not only for boys but also for girls. The game “Crossroads”, teach you the skills of the regulator. The intersection is equipped with 2 barriers that you need to regulate traffic. The yellow arrows indicate the approach and direction of the train. Your task is to calculate the necessary time for all transport to safely cross the railway crossing, for what time to open or close the barrier you decide. All in your hands!
In each level, you need to skip the crossing of 10 cars. Some levels are time-limited.
Good luck and be careful!
Gorgeous 3D graphics
Three-dimensional sound design
Varied landscapes
As you pass, the difficulty level increases

A variety of transport (cars, buses, commodity and passenger and fast trains), a lot of colorful locations (from the village to the metropolis) will not make you or your child bored.