Iran all set to become Asia’s largest car manufacturer within next 10 years

According to UNIDO’s International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2008, Iran has currently the world’s 10th largest automaking industry following Japan, US, Germany, France, South Korea, Britain, Canada and Spain.
Iran is placed upper than Sweden, India, Brazil, Italy and Indonesia in this ranking which has been issued few weeks ago and it is estimated that the country will become the largest car manufacturer of Asia continent within 10 years.
Iran produces 10 types of its national car Samand which is being exported to 40 countries worldwide including France, Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Venezuela, Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Persian Gulf neighboring countries as well.
It is estimated that Iran produces 1 million cars annually using the domestic technology with the powerful hands of national engineers.
Iran has 4 major automobile manufacturing companies and they planned to gain the first place of Asian automakers in year 2015 and become one of the world 5 industrial powers.