How to Transition from Selling Cars, Trucks, and RVs to a Career in Vacation Ownership or Timeshare

If you are a car salesperson, you probably work long hours on your feet and know the value or referrals.

Before considering a career change, you should ask yourself some key questions about how you work, where you work, and how much money you are earning.

1. How many hours a week are required for your automated sales position?

2. How much money are you earning in those hours and what does it break down to if you consider the per-hour basis?

3. What work conditions do you face in addition to the hours? Do you have horrible weather conditions to make your job harder to handle such as extreme heat or cold, lots or rain, or having to stand on your feet for numerous hours?

4. Do you have benefits that will help you retire with substantial funds for your retirement?

So many automotive industry jobs have long hour requirements. When I say long hours, I mean that many of the salespeople I've met over the years have worked some of their week the schedules known as bell to bell from before the dealership opens to after the dealerships closes. Many automotive salespeople will work hours such as 8A.M. to 9 or 10 P.M Do you feel that 10-12 hours is a long day?

Vacation ownership and timeshare sales are very often much shorter work days. It is common for vacation ownership salespeople to have schedules from 8A.M. to an ending time somewhere between 3:30 P.M. to 6:00 PM

My question is, will you know how to enjoy more of your life if you have the opportunity to earn a similar income in much fewer hours? Would you be happier if all of your customers were pre-approved for financing before you met them? Would you have more fun if you knew that most of them would not be turned away for financing even if they were not pre-approved.

Many automotive salespeople are super excited that the customers are provided by the vacation ownership or timeshare companies and that they can increase their customer base with referrals. Chances are. the salesperson will not be making the cold calls to bring in more guests to the vacation ownership presentation.

Automotive salespeople often will make a transition easily to selling vacation ownership or timeshare because it's typically easier to get a timeshare sales license than a full general real estate sales license due to a requirement for fewer hours of education for timeshare sales in many states, not all .

Most automotive industry sales people who work on 100% commission-based imports already know how to handle their monthly at-home budgets to adjust to the commission income lifestyle. The greatest excitation coming from the automotive industry salesperson when he or she realizes that they'll have more time for fun and relaxation, and taking some needed vacations in the vacation ownership industry than in car or truck sales.