Hard at Work

Made for the Active Assignment Weekly group, this week: Hard Work.

The only way out of the global recession will be from hard, honest work. The auto mechanic who fixes your car, the railroad engineer who hauls our produce, the metal worker who forges raw material into tools, the salary worker who has decided to become an entrepeneur, or the scientist who assures that the next communications satellite makes it to orbit are only a few examples of people, who everyday, will assure that a prosperous future is ahead of us.

The assignment for this week will be to take a photo that depicts the results of, progress of, or the conclusion of an honest day’s work. It can include anything, animal, human, vegetable mineral as long as the photo’s subject speaks "hard work" as a part of its message.

Restrictions: no text overlays

Dare: make it a night shot.

What it took: It takes real guts to play a real game. Lots of planning and hard work go into the strategy that decides where you places those little round chips. This game is also being played outside a local tap house (aka "bar"), which supports the hard work of the bartender and our local economy.

Posted by W.D. Vanlue on 2009-05-09 15:58:47

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