I am happy to have a pretty face. Seriously, I never take it for granted. I’m not being vain. I have smooth skin, a deep brown color to my eyes and good symmetry. Plus, I have great teeth. However, the girls in my family all have very short and thin eyelashes. And all of us have tried various things to get them to look longer and fuller. I have tried every mascara and even tried false eyelashes. I heard about how I could buy Careprost online and how it helps to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.

When you first started to read this, I imagine you might have thought me to be a bit arrogant saying I have a pretty face. Then you saw I have an issue with my looks that troubles me. I say that to point out that I think that all of us girls have things we like and do not like about our looks. We spend money and time with clothes, products, accessories, makeup and even plastic surgery trying to alter how we look. Sure, we need to fix our hair, shine up our teeth and take care of our skin. However, we should be more happy in the skin that we are in. Yes, it is good to lose weight to be healthy if we are heavy. It is great to not smoke to protect our health and our skin. It is great to exercise to keep muscle to stay moving well into old age. Plus, all those things help with our looks too. However, I think we can obsess over our looks too much.

I buy Careprost online to help with growing out my eyelashes to make them look fuller and thicker. I will go that far. I will buy better product for my hair and skin too, but I don’t buy that super high-end stuff that costs a fortune. I also don’t fret when I look in the mirror and things aren’t as perfect as I would like them to be. So, go ahead and do things to help you get the look you want, but don’t let the things that aren’t as perfect as you would like them to be trouble you.