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Lightning McQueen arrives at Radiator Springs to find nobody is around, and his buddy Mater is frozen. He immediately realizes he needs 1 Princess who has special frozen powers that can save the town.
Its cool when Dave the Minion shows up, its not cool when Lightning McQueen gets a flat-tire while on a mission to rescue Mater.

The race continues between Lightning McQueen and Minions Dave. Dave tells Lightning McQueen to give up, McQueen simply doesn’t give in that easy. This time Minion Dave is in trouble he goes through a road block that ended up landing on top of Lighting McQueen.
Minion Dave always seems to surprise Lightning McQueen after TRANSFORMING his BananaCycle into the palm of his hand. Mack Hauler drives by, says Hi to McQueen & Dave. McQueen explains he’s in a huge hurry to get to Arendelle. Mack Hauler is surprised to hear this and tells McQueen about a special feature he has in his truck. Lightning McQueen & Minion Dave get inside their quickly in SHOCK after realizing what is happening to them.

BREAKING NEWS: Lightning McQueen is losing the lead on the show to Mack Hauler due to his superb acting skills. Minion Dave & Lightning McQueen will make sure that wont happen.

Minions DAVE races legendary Lightning McQueen after a flat tire.

We call him the “bazooka” Dave.
Traits: Eyes
Hair: Flat, Centre-parted
Body: Slim
Height: 105cm (Minion Average)
Loves: Rockets & Missiles
Hates: Waiting

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Lightning McQueen Story Set ACTION

Lightning McQueen, #95, is a hotshot rookie race car who loves going faster than fast. When he’s not racing, he spends his time in Radiator Springs with his best pal, Mater.

Voices By: Justin Howdyshell

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Lightning McQueen, typically referred to by his surname McQueen, is an anthropomorphic racecar in the animated Pixar film Cars (2006), its sequel Cars 2 (2011), and TV shorts known as Cars Toons. He is based on generic NASCAR vehicles, but with design influences from the Mazda Miata and Dodge Viper.[citation needed] Late in the original film, he is painted much like the Chevrolet Corvette C1.[citation needed]A former life of McQueen is that he was rusty .As said by McQueen himself in Cars,”With the same amount of luck”,mumbling this states that Rusteze wasn’t very reliable. He is also a heavy sleeper.

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