Customers For Life – A Little Book Review for You

Creating new customers is not so difficult in business, but keeping them is and getting them to send you endless referrals very much depends on your ability to deliver great customer service. In Carl Sewell’s book; Customers For Life; How to Turn That One Time Buyer Into A Lifelong Customer; you learn the reality of customer service from the all-time pro.

As an entrepreneur and franchisor, I recommended this book to each of our franchisees in a Corporate Memo; Letters From Lance. I felt that what Carl had to say was the key to increasing Word-of-Mouth Advertising and retaining your best customers.

Additionally, really I cannot say enough about how right on the money that I believe that Carl Sewell in his masterpiece book; Customers For Life; How to Turn That One Time Buyer Into A Lifelong Customer. What is so great about this book to me is that I have actually met some of his customers on planes and as I travel through Texas. After reading the book I visited one of his dealerships. Carl indeed does practice what he preaches and it shows. This is real world stuff and the tips and concepts in is book explain how it is done. Jack in his book about Enterprise Rent A Car called; Exceeding Customers Expectations; is similar and so is the book about South West Airlines and the History of Nordstroms. If you truly believe in customer service you need to study up and read Carl’s book first. Consider all this in 2006.