Cracked iPhone Screen – Health Risk?

Cracked iPhone Screen - Health Risk?

While using my iPhone today I got to thinking about how dangerous this glass screen really is to my health. Factually enough it was my fault for dropping the phone which made the screen fracture. It is also my responsibility to care enough to place a protective film over the screen to hold in all the glass and protect myself from cuts….. BUT…. In today’s sue happy world, what would prevent someone from going after Apple to say they created a product that was inherently dangerous

Take for example the automobile industry. Early on they did not have safety glass, then after some people getting hurt, glass became safer and safer to the point that windscreens will not shatter into shards of dangerous glass, but into bits of tiny non-lethal grains of glass.

So… back to my point. Why would Apply use glass for the screen and not a high tech, unbreakable piece of plastic? Seriously I don’t know. Maybe the plastic scratches too easily or maybe it can’t deliver the touch response that glass can offer. What ever the reason, It still strikes me as odd that Apple would go forward with a product that has such a potential health (and legal) problem.

So… now the iPhone 4 will have 2 pieces of glass. Lets hope they are more crack resistant than the 3G

Just some food for thought. What are your thoughts?

Posted by Patrick Hoesly on 2010-06-07 02:19:03

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