Common Headlight Complaints

Car manufacturers continue to improve the quality of their products. Such such, the car faces contemporary wear and tear, which will contribute to frequent part replacements. It is a normal occurrence in cars.

In cases where safety is involved, cars are recalculated to replace the parts that would cause issues.

In some cases, many drivers complain about several car parts, sometimes during the first few uses of the vehicle. It could be said that not all cars are created equal.

Headlights are no exception to complaints. Whether it be during the first drives or after a few months or years, there are drivers that have issues with their headlights.

In 2016, most drivers would point problems to the headlight brightness. Some drivers experience low brightness from their cars that would hinder them from seeing better. Others would say that some headlights illuminate brighter that it is a distraction to other drivers on the road.

Poor lighting contributions to poor visibility. Some had bad aiming, which could be fixed with better alignment; some had dimming issues.

Thus, drivers had to purchase better headlights.

There are also cases that new headlights did not exactly solve the problem. Not everyone was satisfied with the purchase of new HID or LED headlights.

Some observer that their headlights flicker upon first use and installation. Lights do not work properly in some instances after a few drives.

This year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted its first two headlight evaluations. Only a few received praises. Their research contributions greatly to how headlight could have improved by manufacturers.

More tests will be generated, and their output will definitely give the public an idea how headlights should ideally work on the road.

What should be the next move?

Car manufacturers should ensure the safety and quality of the headlights of their vehicles. Headlights are often overlooked, but they are an essential part of the cars.

Several states and countries require their drivers to switch on headlights even during daylight. It may cause problems if headlights continue to run poorly.

Headlight manufacturers should also take precaution in producing their headlights. Equip headlights with safety materials as well as the latest technology that would help better visibility.

Even if you encounter issues with headlights, it's easy to find new headlights online. You could buy them from an e-commerce store or on online retail store. Not all brands have poor quality headlights, and there are brands that would fit your preference.