Bristol Aviation History – Bristol Cars

Bristol Aviation History - Bristol Cars

In 1946 the Bristol Aeroplane Company BS7 established a car division from the very beginning cars were built by hand many famous people own Bristol Cars.

2006 – The most powerful and exclusive production car in the world was launched by a quirky but quintessentially British luxury motor manufacturer. The Bristol Fighter T is set to hit the UK’s roads next year and boasts a massive 1,012 horsepower.

Embodying the Bulldog spirit harking back to the company’s origins as a maker of famous fighter planes, the this True Brit supercar’s engine produces more power than the 252mph Bugatti Veyron, currently the most powerful production car, which has 1,001 horsepower and costs £810,000.

The £350,000 Fighter T will be hand built at the firm’s plant in Filton, Bristol.

Its eight-litre V10 engine will propel the car from 0-60mph in less than 3.5 seconds and on to a theoretical top speed of 270mph, although Bristol will limit the speed of production cars to 225mph. Only around 20 Fighters will be built every year, not all of them the range-topping T version, so owners will belong to an exclusive group.

Bristol Cars managing director Tony Crook, who operates from a small but exclusive showroom in London’s Kensington said: ‘It has more power than the Bugatti but the end product is a very usable car which owners will be able to drive every day.

‘We have been producing the Fighter and the Fighter S since 2004, but a lot of people said ‘I want even more power’ so that’s what we’ve done."

The first Bristol Fighter T is expected to be completed in September 2007.

Bristol’s quirky Bulldog spirit and heritage harks back to the end of World War II as a spin-off of aircraft production. The hand-crafted but aggressively-named new car is named after the First World War Bristol Fighter. Bristol is so exclusive that fewer than 9,000 have been built in nearly 60 years.

Traditionally a favourite with Royalty, other Bristol fans include Oasis pop star Liam Gallagher, Sir Richard Branson and Lib Democratic peer Lord Steel. Tony Crook, managing director and head salesman of Bristol Cars – whose sole tiny showroom has graced London’s Kensington High Street for more than 50 years said:’We never disclose the names of our customers, though many are household names.

”This is going to be a car for captains of industry and the rich and famous. It’s obviously going to catch the eye of pop stars, Premiership footballers and those who enjoy their cars.’ Mr Crook said the Fighter incorporated ‘sybaritic levels of luxury’ adding:’It is engineered to strict aerospace standards, designed without the usual cost constraints and coach-built by proud and conscientious individuals.’

Mr Crook, a veteran racing driver of the 1940s and 50s added:’We always make fewer cars than people want. ‘But this is going to be a very exclusive car.The price is not steep at all as people often spend around £200,000 on Bentleys or Ferraris.’

Will it fit in my garage?

Bristol Fighter T Named after: First World War Bristol Fighter. Price: £351,913 (inc VAT) Top Speed: 270mph (electronically limited to 225mph) 0-60 mph: Under 3.5 seconds. Seats: 2 Length: 14ft 6 in. Width: 5ft 10 in Height: 4ft 5 ins.

About the same size as a Porsche 911

(You need 6ft 6ins height and 1ft 4ins either side to take account of gull-wing doors).

Turning circle: 36ft Weight: 1.595 tonnes Engine: Twin turbo-charged 8 litre V10 all aluminium block 1,012 brake horse-power.

As powerful as 10 small hatchbacks.

Fuel capacity; 100 litres

Range: 350 – 500 miles.

Fuel economy: 20mpg (estimate)

Gears: Six speed manual. (60mph in 1st)

Features: Gull-wing doors make it easier for driver and passenger to get in and out of a tight space.

Aerodynamic design drawing on aircraft, missile and submarine technology.

For use on road, Continental cruising and at race-tracks.

Interior: Aluminium instrument dashoard and centre console. Lightweight racing-style seats. Space for driver up to 6ft 7ins.

Luggage: Enough space for at least two large golf bags.

Chassis: Lightweight but strong steel and aluminium chassis, aluminium body panels with panels of ultra lightweight carbon fibre in doors and tail-gate.

Exterior: Aerodynamic rounded cabin similar to light aircraft – tear-drop shaped canopy reduces drag and improves stability.

Massive steel tube roll-over structure and safety cage give passenger protection.

Electronic tyre pressure monitors and alarms.

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