Brake Pedal Goes Down Further Than Normal

If you press the brake pedal of your car, you will noticed that the brake pedal goes down further than than the usual. This phenomenon happens because of two possible reasons.The first is that the brake fluid is very low and the second is that the brake shoe lining is worn out.

How to determine the cause of the problem?

1. First is to open the hood and locate the brake fluid reservoir, this is usually located on the top of the brake master cylinder. Observe if the fluid level is within the “Max” and “Low” markings on the reservoir. If the fluid is sufficient enough then you can rule out the low brake fluid as the cause of the problem.

As you may not know, when the fluid level is low the brake pedal will travel further before it will stop because the lower the fluid level the lower the pedal will travel. If the fluid is insufficient just simply add the required amount of fluid to correct the problem, however the reason why the fluid level is low is another problem that needs to find out.

2. If for instance the fluid is at a normal level, then the reason why brake pedal travel further than the usual is the brake shoe is worn out. Brake shoe is use on the drum brake which is usually found on the rear brake of the car. This happens because when the brake pedal is press the shoes will press against the drum if the shoe is worn out excessively the pedal will have to press further before the shoe touches the drum.

To solve the issue of brake pedal traveling further because of worn shoe, bring the car to a repair shop. Asks the mechanic to replace the shoe lining, also tell the mechanic to check the brake drum because it might also damage and need to be machined. When replacing the brake shoe lining, consider also to machined the drums before installing a new lining.