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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

New Factory – LG Chem confirms new factory for building Bolt EV parts in U.S. –
SweetSpot – 300 Miles is the sweet spot for EV range, Model 3 will depreciate the slowest, says new survey –
The World Did Not End – Solar Eclipse didn’t cause grid nightmares –
Hydrogen Figures  – H2 deployment in California saw 1300 new vehicles last year –
CashFlow Problems – Faraday Future may leave Formula E to save money –
Tweak The EQ – Mercedes Benz plans to unfile new EQ model at Frankfurt Motor Show –
AeroCaps Save Miles – Tesla’s VP of Engineering says Aero wheel covers on Model 3 can improve range by 10 percent. –
Emotional  – Fisker promises to unveil new EV at CES in January
Cloud Power – Elon Musk hints at a future where every Tesla will respond to you –
Solar Powered Range Extender – Audi looks to solar panels to extend range of EVs –
Hiperactive  – Ariel announces Hipercar –
Sail With The Current  – The World’s Largest Electric Ferries Get Ready To Sail –
Well-Matched – Lambo is shown the ropes by Tesla Model X –