Billiards Table-Cheap or Expensive

Choosing the right billiards table is all about price and quality, however, you generally do not have to buy the one with the most expensive price tag. Each type of table such as a cheap table, an economy table, a popular brand table and a top quality table have advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely. The price range may be your deciding factor, so if you have some extra cash, try to get the table that suits you and you will enjoy your purchase a whole lot more.

Cheap billiards tables are found in many department stores, although most of them are designed for kids. These types of tables do not use real slate, because if they did, the cost of the actual slate would raise the overall price. Instead of real slate, these tables use perma slate or sometimes honeycomb as the table's surface; these tables would not please an experienced billiards player. When you purchase a cheap table, it is generally boxed unassembled and you must assemble it yourself; actual billiards tables have to be assembled by a billiards mechanic. These tables do not last long, they generally last a few years and their price range from $ 700 to $ 800 without installation and if you hire someone it assemble it, its $ 1000 to $ 1200.

Economy tables cost $ 1200 to $ 2000 and they use actual state on the surface, however they have a few minor problems. This type of table is made in garage type workshops, so if you visit one of these places and someone tries to convince you that one-piece slate is better than three piece slate do not believe it. In addition, some economy tables do not use oversize sized slate, which is a term for slate that extends below the rails. This is important because some people may like to sit on a billiards table, so if a table does not have oversize slate, it could be a problem. When a person sits on a table that has oversize slate, the table will support the weight; however, a table without it will start to wobble over time. Billiards tables that wobbles will make the rails miss align; this unbalances the table, which makes it impossible to play.

Popular brand tables offer great style and they last a long time, but some brands may have cheap materials somewhere on or in the table. While this may not seem like a problem, these materials can indeed make your table weaker depending on where you put it. The basement is not a good place for a table that has artificial materials because the change in temperature may make the table deform. The cost of the popular brand tables range from $ 2000 to $ 3000.

The final table you can buy is a top quality table; these tables cost $ 3000 or more and you generally get the best materials and styles along with a long-term warranty. A high price tag does not always mean you are getting the best table, so shop around and compare prices before you make your purchase.

Each type of billiard tables has features to suit every type of player. No matter if you choose a cheap table or an expensive one, always shop around for a better price.