Best Auto Air Conditioning Repair Tips From Mesa, AZ Automotive Shop

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In this video Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair will be providing quality tips to save you money on your auto ac system. Check the system entirely before making any assumptions. Get tips from the best auto AC repair in Mesa AZ.

Tips for better A/C system performance. Why pay $ for repairs that are NOT necessary? Performing the following checks on your automobiles air conditioning system, will allow you to save money, time and prevent unnecessary repairs on your ac components.

1. Check the condenser for blockage. (The Condenser is typically located in front of the radiator). If the condenser is plugged air will be restricted from cooling the Freon inside the ac system.

2. Make sure that the cabin air filter is NOT plugged, as that will restrict air flow from the a/c system as well. (The Cabin Air Filter is typically located under the dash/glove box).

3. Check the cooling system for low coolant. ATTENTION: Only check the radiator when the vehicle is completely cooled off! DO NOT open your radiator when your automobile is HOT!

Tools needed for ac check:

*High side & low side pressure gauges. ATTENTION: Take caution when connecting such a tool. You are responsible for your auto ac system and any injury or damage that may occur, due to improperly performing this procedure mentioned in this video.

*Ultraviolet dye is used in the system to check form leaks.
*Ultraviolet light is required for this check.

***ATTENTION: The ONE can Freon fix is typically not the answer to your problem.

Thank your for watching our tips. Mention this video for a FREE auto a/c system check at Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair in Mesa, Arizona.