Automotive Facebook Messenger Marketing & Chatbots: The 4-Step Success Formula

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Imagine a platform where tens of thousands of potential vehicle buyers in your primary market area chat daily with their friends, colleagues and family; and where dealerships have yet to claim their stake. Yes, still virgin to car dealers!

Now, what if I told you this platform is more popular than social media, more powerful than email marketing, and offering a fun two-way conversation between users and your dealership like when you use text messages on your mobile phone to message your contacts.

Intrigued? Great! Mr Dealer, meet Messenger Marketing; you guys are going to be a great fit together!

My only warning is this: make sure you are the first to market on the Messenger platform or don’t waste your time. Just throw the towel now.

OK, you’re probably watching this video and saying to yourself: “Oh no, not another advertising platform I need to learn about, get acquainted with, make a few attempts at failing ads, and lose money getting minimal results; here we go again!”

I know the feeling. It seems like every day I fire-up my computer there’s a barrage of new critical tools, media, tactics or strategies I need to have on my radar and tackle immediately or the world as I know it will come to an end. It’s overwhelming, to say the least.
But today, what I have to share with you is so important for the future of your dealership’s communications, that I need you to forget about overwhelm, and let me take you by the hand and walk you slowly through how messaging apps can revolutionise the way your dealership generate leads.

I also want to show you how to get started with Messenger Marketing without getting frustrated with complex technobabble because nothing can help you acquire new customers and sell cars faster; even if you don’t have a technology bone in you.
Are you in for the ride? Excellent! But remember, you need to be first, or this knowledge is all for nothing.

A Future Ruled By Robots – But Not The Ones in Terminator!
It’s hard to talk about messaging apps and Messenger Marketing without talking about bots and chatbots, and my first few attempts at educating dealers on the subject created a lot of confusion. I understand. The second you say “chat” most dealers think of the chat tool on their Website.

Now although chatbots could be used to automate the conversation with the visitors on your Website, the chat tool on your Website has nothing to do with Messenger Marketing.
Messenger is the Facebook app users are forced to use while on Facebook to send personal messages to friends and family. If you want all your followers to see a message, you post an update to your public profile; if you want to send a one-on-one message to somebody in particular, or a small group of friends, you use Messenger.

If you haven’t used Messenger yet, think of the app as the texting tool you use on your phone to send an SMS to a friend or colleague. Messenger also works on all devices (mobile and desktop), and you can even use it to connect with people internationally while on vacations or for business or personal purposes. You can also use it to send text messages, photos, videos, and even start a video chat.

As of early 2018, 1.3 billion people were using Messenger around the world. It’s said that by 2022 messaging bots will be so sophisticated, that they will replace Websites as the first point of contact of a prospect with a business. They will even replace the almighty email as the preferred way to communicate with customers.

You might be thinking this is far-fetched, but the trend is already well ingrained in peoples habits today. Just look at how you talk to your closest friends, family members and colleagues when using technology. You probably rarely use email because messaging apps and SMS are much faster, and the interaction is way more fun and easy.

Still, need a bit of convincing? Listen to this: Business Insider reported that there are now more people using Messaging apps than people using social media. Think about it: if marketing is identifying where potential prospects are, going there, and offering them a solution to their problem; then it would be a strategical error not to be on Messenger where vehicle shoppers are and love to be!

Makes sense?