Automobile Industry Cycle for Architecture

Graduation Project “Big-Bang Mushroom” Named after the concept design of the project, I dismantling the idea of the big-bang theory, as for the mushroom I took the concept design from the nuclear bomb shape mushroom, I feed back the design of the lay out on the main building and the Factory, The cycle of the automotive assembly line around the building was anti clockwise, In shape of the mushroom which explode and bang the automobiles around the world, Atoms and protons is far away from the explode being united to make Tuning center, Area used (378000 M^2), Project Contains (Automobile Assembling Factory – Showrooms – Museum – Youth Zone – Tuning Workshop – Track for Test drive and Racing)
Video Edited By Ebrahem Al.Tamimy using Movie-Maker, Special Thanks For Mercedes-Benz Commercials On YOU-TUBE That Shows us Real meaning of Automobiles Elegance, Comfort, Technology, Safety and Quality. From 1886 Till Today.
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