Auto Parts Sign

Auto Parts Sign

All images have been taken with iPhone

I have been taking pictures sense I was a 12 year old kid.

Love Old Metal Signs and people watching.
When all my Instant Film ran out, I bought my Aunts original used iPhone and it has not left my palm sense.

Always on the look out for Interesting people and Old Metal Signs to point the iPhone at.

There is nothing like bright Colors stuck on a wall. This sign caught my eye with it’s red on blue plastic letters.
While I was snapping photos a person approached me with all the usual questions. Was shocked when he invited me across the street to take some photos of an old Pegasus gas sign that hung on his remodeled Auto Repair shop for several decades.

That is the second time this week I have been given an opportunity to see unusual things in hard to go to places.

My name is Tiberious Johanson and I take picture with my iPhone.

Posted by iPhonearoid on 2010-10-15 16:02:03

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