Again Offer NEW Ration Dealership FREE in West Bengal | 1500 NEW Dealership for Women Group

the west bengal government will give a new 1,500 ration shop dealership

The legal process of the Panchayat elections in the first phase. The development of Bengal will be hampered by the voting slip, and the government will shock the rural economy. In this situation, Food Minister Jyotipriya Mullick said in advance the next public program in Panchayat polls. The Food Minister said that after the Panchayat elections, 1,500 new ration shops will be given dealerships in the state. At the same time, how the new ration shop dealership can be found, he said.

What will be the new ration shop dealership?
The Food Minister said that the dealership of the new ration shop will be given mainly to the women’s self-help groups. For this reason, 10 women will have to form a team of their own and apply for a ration shop dealership. After applying, they will be able to open a ration shop in a part of their home. In this case the government will not take any money from the members of the self-help group.
Jyotipriya Mallick said, “Women are very responsible and honest, so I hope ration shops will work well in their hands.” Besides, the Co-operative Society and the single person will apply, but the dealership will be available, said the Food Minister. However, due to the declaration of panchayat polls, the state has an ideal election rules. So dealership notification is not being issued now. Dealership notification will be issued after the voting poster.
The minister said, many ration shop owners have died. In some cases the ration owner’s license was canceled due to corruption. For this reason, many ration shops in rural Bengal are closed. In many cases, it is going to go far away to get ration to ordinary people. The government has decided to give new dealerships to 1,500 ration shops in this issue. Most of the ration shops will be in rural areas. However, new ration shops will be given dealerships in many places in the city.

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