A Career in the Motor Industry – Automotive Technician (JTJS62011)

Scott from Massey High School loves tinkering with cars so the chance to go behind-the-scenes at Continental Car Services and get up close to some high end vehicles is just up his alley. First up, he joins auto technician Robert Wengert and is off to the Porsche workshop where the automotive engineering team are on the job servicing cars and fixing faults. Here he meets Thomas, who featured on Just the Job three years ago and is now successfully completing an apprenticeship with support from MITO (Motor Industry Training Organisation).

The workshop is a hive of well organised activity and the team here can take on anything from a straight forward service to a complete engine rebuild. In this career, mechanical knowledge and the ability to utilise computer technology go hand-in-hand ensuring the job gets done. With solid skills and a good work ethic, Scott discovers an automotive engineer will be able to work anywhere in the world.

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