70 Monaco 069A

70 Monaco 069A

My dad and I both had ’69 versions of this car from new. Unfortunately, with the gas scare of the early seventies, both got traded for something "more sensible". The Monaco always held a special place in my heart, though. About twenty five years ago I went on a national search to replace the nostalgia value. This ’70 was it! With low miles (still with under 47Kmi today) but in need of a cosmetic refreshening which was completed ten years ago. Engine is an untouched 383 c.i.d. Magnum V8 with 4V, 727 automatic transmission with gear selector on the column, and a 3:55 rear axle ratio. Dual turbo exhaust. Chrome road wheels and wide whitewalls done on a special tire lathe.
This is an absolutely perfect road car with a ride that cannot be matched by anything available new today (including the Rolls Royce). That comfortable feel comes from having heft . . . and designed weight distribution along with a long wheelbase. All the young whippersnappers of the MTV era will never know what they have missed.

This model was nearly identical for three years – 1969, 1970, and 1971. Then everything changed. Our brilliant gummint (with the demands and support of the insurance industry) mandated serious horsepower restrictions, emmissions controls, weight limitations, and ugly black rubber bumper cushions on all 1972 models. By the eighties all personal flair was gone and one make looked just like all the others. The nineties introduced ubiquitous gray or tan interiors for all cars industrywide. After Y2K it has become impossible to find an American-designed automobile with any degree of distinctive personality. All the makes and models look alike, with the same shades of colors. Black, white, silver, champaigne, red, blue. That’s it, folks.

Well, sometimes the kiddies are offered screaming limes, bannana yellows, or electric blues. But that’s mostly for the rice rockets.

If for nothing else other than automotive appreciation, I’m pleased to be an old school old geezer.

Posted by rajahdajah on 2012-06-28 22:02:29