5 Facts about Wheeler Dealers | Edd China, Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead

5 Things you need to know about Wheeler Dealers
Wheeler Dealers is a British television series, which is now produced by Velocity channel. The first 13 seasons, which saw the likes of Edd China and Mike Brewer, is hailed as one of the best car shows on TV. From season 14, Edd China was replaced by Ant Anstead. Though it’s been a year since the genius mechanic walked away from the show, many fans still don’t know why. Today, we are here to unveil some secrets of the show.

Wheeler Dealers Season 15 | 0:12
Why Edd China Left The show? | 0:52
Edd China After Wheeler Dealers | 1:30
Mike Brewer’s Sufferings After Edd’s Exit | 2:29
Who is Ant Anstead? | 3:36
Mike Brewer’s The Wheeler Dealer Know How! |4:44

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