Gov't announces plans to nurture Korea's future car industry

정부, 전기•수소차 비중 2030년까지 33%로 늘린다

The Moon Administration has chosen non-memory chips, bio, and future car as three key industries the government is investing in to help boost innovative growth in the country.
Our business correspondent Kim Hyesung has more on government plans unveiled today… on developing future cars.
The Korean government announced plans on Tuesday to nurture the country’s future car industry, including electric cars, hydrogen cars, self-driving cars and flying cars.
“Our goal is to increase the percentage of electric cars and hydrogen cars from 2 percent of the new car market in 2019 to 33 percent by 2030 and their global market share to 10 percent by 2030. We aim to be the first in the world to have level four fully autonomous cars on the roads in Korea by 2027.”
The auto industry is crucial to the South Korean economy, making up 7 percent of … Read More

Car Envy

Car Envy

Assignment to shoot hydrogen powered cars. With the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

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