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FCA dealers offered more Jeeps to sell if they open a Jeep-alone dealership
Posted By: Alysha Webbon: September 13, 2017In: Contributors Print
By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher

FCA dealers that chose to open a stand-alone Jeep store will be rewarded with more than just a boost in Jeep sales. They will also receive more Jeeps to sell, Alistair J. Gardner, head of dealer network development, NAFTA at FCA USA tells Automotive Buy Sell Report.

In return for creating a Jeep-only facility, dealers will receive one unit of Jeep allocation for every $8,500 invested, says Gardner. The allocations will be in whatever model mix the dealership’s unit sales reflect and will broken out in 12 equal parts over the course of a year, he says.

“It will pay for a proportion of the new facility,” says Gardner.

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