BMW M1 Procar Racer – BMW Art Car #4, Andy Warhol – 1979

BMW M1 Procar Racer - BMW Art Car #4, Andy Warhol - 1979

Sometimes the only way to high art is through deep pockets.

Perhaps this occurred to Andy Warhol when BMW asked him to paint its M1 Group 4 race car in 1977. Warhol, already a superstar, was constantly fascinated with the melding of the commercial and the artistic. BMW was happily molding America as its largest export market.

In the past 40 years, there have been just 17 BMW Art Cars, on average one every three years. Out of all of its Art Cars, this M1 — already nearly priceless as an automobile, let alone one breathed upon by the most recognizable name in modern art — is BMW’s most expensive and valuable. Recently, it was shown for just two days at Paris Photo LA at Paramount Studios, the prestigious art festival’s first foray outside France.

It was there that we spoke with Thomas Girst, whose official title is "Head of … Read More

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Talk Show | Business Bangladesh EP- 81 | Bangladesh Automobile Industry.

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